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Director: Noam Bedein

Advocate for Sderot
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Sderot Media Center, established two years ago, provides real-time videos, photo images, and articles on the impact of Palestinian rocket fire on Sderot residents. For the past eight years, over 10,000 Palestinian rockets have been fired upon Sderot and the western Negev, wounding over 700 Israeli civilians, traumatizing thousands, and destroying countless homes and properties.

In light of the current Hamas war on southern Israel, SMC has organized a Sderot-advocacy information kit-- available on-line for your free use. The information pack includes the latest videos, photos, and articles on the Qassam rocket fire on Sderot and its impact on area residents. Come take part in Israel's battle for accurate media coverage! Click on the boxes at the right for the following information

Real-time films and video clips portraying the rocket reality of Sderot residents


Articles on the Hamas terrorist organization and the strategy behind their rocket attacks against Israeli civilians from civilian populated areas in Gaza.


Statistics on the rocket situation and its impact on Sderot residents, which includes the number of Israeli civilians wounded, killed, and psychologically traumatized in the past eight years of rocket fire.


Read of the personal stories of Sderot residents and their experiences with Palestinian rocket explosions. Countless articles on Sderot families, children, and homes who have been the devastated by rocket attacks


Important figures and government officials who visited Sderot to show solidarity with residents and learn more about the rocket attacks


SMC Recognition: Sderot Media Center was recently recognized by the Israeli Foreign Ministry for its invaluable media services during Operation Cast Lead. Countless student organizations, international correspondents, diplomats, and foreign press from across the world have made use of SMC's information and services.


The people under siege in Sderot and the Western Negev want to tell their story.

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