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By: • Josh Hasten, Algemeiner
Tue Nov 20 2012 12:26:12 ( )
I’ve been to the Western Negev town of Sderot more times than I can count. For nearly three years from 2008-2010, I was in the beleaguered city regularly, as many as 2-3 times a week, doing PR work for the town's Hesder Yeshiva. Therefore I am hardly a stranger to the Tzeva Adom (code red) early warning system and having to literally run for my life . But my visit to Sderot yesterday was like no other. In short, Sderot is a real life warzone. Along with Ashkelon, Ashdod, Be’er...
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By: • Anav Sliverman, Tazpit News Agency
Mon Nov 19 2012 01:40:25 ( )
Photo: Louisa saved her owner's life in Ashkelon, Noam Bedein, Sderot Media Center The coastal city of Ashkelon, population 130,000, was hit particularly hard on Sunday. In one attack, a rocket slammed into a four-story building, penetrating through the roof of the stairwell, and continuing on, leaving a large gaping hole in the floor of one apartment, and in the ceiling of the apartment below. Two people sustained injuries from the attack and five suffered shock. The rundown apartment...
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By: • Maayan D'Antonio
Mon Jun 25 2012 11:53:26 ( )
Exclusive for Sderot Media Center Dawn breaks on the city of Sderot; it's a Shabbat, the day of rest. But as they say, there's no rest for the wicked. Some found that it would be fun to play "alarm clock" with the people of Sderot. It's six o'clock AM when “Tseva Adom” alarm echoes across the city. Getting out of bed is an afterthought for most. Yet the head does not quite stay on the pillow when a sound, as loud as a clap of thunder, rips through the air. It is a...
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By: • jonah s. keyak
Wed Jun 20 2012 23:36:36 ( )
Sirens blare in my head. Realizing this is not a drill, I jump out of bed and dash to the closest bomb shelter. Within seconds, the room fills with American, Canadian and Israeli students, all here in fear for their lives. Boom one, that was close... boom two, that was closer... wait for it... boom three. I hope no one was hurt. This is when the phones began to ring. Listening to hysterical Jewish mothers, and even frantic fathers, it’s now the child’s role to calm the parents. ...
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By: • Evelyn Gordon, JINSA
Wed Jun 20 2012 23:18:00 ( )
The most chilling comment I've seen on the mid-March surge of violence from Gaza, when terrorists at Israel in four days, was made almost three weeks earlier. The rocket fire had been steadily increasing, indicating that the deterrent effect of Israel's 2009 war in Gaza was fading, and Israel Defense Forces officers were discussing whether another large-scale operation in Gaza was needed. " " The Jerusalem Post reported, "is whether it needs to wait for a successful attack by...
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