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Mon Mar 2 2009 06:59:09 ( )
An Illusion of Normalcy? An uncertain calm rests upon Sderot at the moment. The sounds of war have disappeared, replaced by the sounds of a city slowly coming back to life. The click of the intercom followed by the voice that repeatedly stated Tzeva Adom, followed by the rocket explosion a few seconds later seems to be something of the past. But daily news reports on Palestinian terror activity from Gaza are constant reminders to Israelis Sderot Resident, 23, Addresses UN Human Rights...
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Mon Mar 2 2009 06:54:25 ( )
Pre-Election debate on rockets threatening southern Israelis This past Sunday evening, February 1, Sderot Media Center held a pre-election event for the English-speaking Jerusalem public on the issue of Sderot and the western Negev at the Israel Center. Political candidates from nine political parties of the 34 parties running for general election on February 10, gathered together to discuss how their respective parties would handle the continued Palestinian rocket fire terrorizing Sderot...
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Mon Mar 2 2009 06:50:21 ( )
Crossing into Gaza: SMC visits the Erez checkpoint Ten minutes away from Sderot, sits the Erez Crossing--the only crossing that serves as a pedestrian exit point for Gaza Strip residents entering Israel. The crossing is currently open to Palestinian workers holding permits and families seeking medical treatment in Israel. Large numbers of journalists and international foreign press also cross through the point. I recently had an opportunity with Sderot Media Center to tour the Erez crossing...
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Mon Mar 2 2009 06:40:30 ( )
50 Gaza Rockets Strike Israel Since Ceasefire Over 50 Palestinian rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel since the unilateral ceasefire began between Hamas and Israel on January 18. This is the third Hamas-Israel ceasefire held since November 2006. Two Qassam rockets were fired at the Eshkol region early Thursday morning, on February 19. Around 7:18 am, the Tzeva Adom sounded, followed by the rocket attacks. A third rocket had exploded earlier on the Gaza side. The Iran-Hamas...
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Mon Mar 2 2009 04:53:14 ( )
Qassam Rocket Attack Damages Two Sderot Homes For the second time this week, Qassam rockets targeted the western Negev town of Sderot. On Thursday morning, February 26, a Qassam rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists in northern Gaza exploded in the backyard of a Sderot home. A mother and her son were treated for shock as were a number of other civilians in the neighborhood where the rocket struck. No injuries were reported. The Qassam rocket caused damage to two Sderot homes when it exploded....
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