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Click here to read the recent information on the Rocket fire from Gaza. Since the end of Operation Protective Edge until today.
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SMC Tours: What You Will See
Kassam Gallery
Kassam Gallery
- Located at the Sderot police station
All of the Kassams that have fallen on Sderot and the areas surrounding Gaza are brought here. Each Kassam is marked: where it fell, the date, and the distance it traveled. Each Kassam has different color depending on who fired it.
Secured shelters
Tour of the City
Secured shelters are scattered throughout the city; while the standard is a 40-centimeter thick cement wall, many are only 20-centimeters. In the schools, only 1st through 3rd grade classrooms are fully protected. In other instances, schoolrooms are protected while the hallways are not, meaning students leaving their classrooms are forced to run between classes. On particularly difficult days, students are unable to have recess. Every family, residential building and neighborhood has had at least one Kassam fall in its immediate area.
Observation point
Observation point at Kibbutz Nir Am
The distance between Sderot and Gaza is approximately 1 kilometer (.6 mile).
The red and white antennas at the right are heat-activated sensors that detect Kassam fire and transmit a warning signal to the sirens. Occasionally, multiple rockets are fired simultaneously, while the siren only goes off once. In poor whether or on foggy days, the sirens don't always work.
From this point one can see Gaza, Beit Hanun and Netiv HaAsarah - a Jewish settlement - and appreciate their proximity to one another.
Community Projects
The Visitors Center
We offer a screening of videos made by the Sderot Media Center, as well as a presentation about the geography of the region and the effects of the situation on everyday life for the local population.
The people under siege in Sderot and the Western Negev want to tell their story.

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